Welcome to the PrintNinja
File Upload System

Greetings! We know you're eager to get started uploading your files,
but please take a few moments to read through the notes on this page.
We promise it's not a lot and it's all designed to help make your project go as smoothly as possible!

Before You Upload

Please ensure that you have reviewed all your files to verify that they are print-ready, including reviewing PrintNinja's artwork setup guides

Once you upload your files, we will generate an electronic proof for your review the following business day.

Please Note: Submitting a file with a dpi higher than 400 may delay your electronic proof, as it takes longer for our prepress reps to download files of that size. Higher dpi files do not improve print quality. Choose your preferred program and scroll down to the exporting section for a dpi converting tutorial.

If you need to upload new files after reviewing your electronic proof, it may take us up to one additional business day to generate each successive proof.

Also, please remove spaces and special characters from your filenames, as this causes issues with our uploading system.

What You Can Upload

Our preferred format is PDF, but we can also accept a wide variety of other formats.

Got a Bunch of Files?

If you need to upload more than five files at once, you may want to combine them into a single ZIP file and upload that file instead. You can also upload your first five files, return to this page and repeat as needed.

Got Big Files?

You can upload files up to 2GB each using this page.

If you have a file that’s larger than this, please make sure your dpi isn’t higher than 400. Resolution higher than 400dpi does not increase quality. Lowering dpi is an easy way to get your file size down. Choose your preferred program and scroll down to the exporting section for a dpi converting tutorial.

If you’ve checked both the above possible issues and you’re still having trouble, please contact us for alternate options.

Patience, Please

If your files are very large, it may take a long time (perhaps hours or even the better part of a day) to upload your files. Although our system doesn’t include a progress bar, some browsers display a percentage status in the lower part of the window. Do not close this page until you see a confirmation message or your file upload will fail and you will need to start over.

Upload Your Files Here

Click the "Choose File" button and then navigate to the location the file you want to upload is stored on your computer. Double click the filename or click "Open." Repeat for up to four additional files. Then click "Upload" and wait until you receive a confirmation message.

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